Saturday, October 18, 2008


Good morning!
I am packing my bags for Italy! Kelly and I take off this Weds early morn... it's so unreal! I am really getting excited about the actual teaching aspect. I spent the weekend in my studio laying out my supplies and walking through the steps to my painting process~ it will be a learning experience for us all that I'm going to treasure forever. I cannot wait to meet our students. Hello out there if you happen to be reading this :)

Speaking of teaching, I have another incredible opportunity to teach this February at Art Nest. I've heard amazing things about this place and it looks like a winter wonderland! I'll be teaching alongside Kelly Rae (hopefully this will be a tradition we're starting!) and Jane Wynn.

Art Nest

In the lovely organizers Candice and Julie's words~
Join us at a beautiful mountain chalet above Heber, Utah in a stunning setting where we will be surrounded by lightly falling snow. Sit around the beautiful fireplace relaxing with your new art friends, dining on gourmet food and being pampered in every way. Work with soldering and metal patinas with Jane one day, then gather your papers and paints as Mati and Kelly Rae take us on an amazing painting and collage journey. You will be one of 25 artists to attend this retreat.

The dates for the retreat are February 25th - March 1st, 2009.

Can you come? Utah's a little closer to Italy, eh?

I wanted to sign off with sharing a new blog discovery and piano composition (a beautiful first) by Pia Jane called Mes Ailes or My Wings~ wait a second for it to load and press play on her whimsical drawing. I have a feeling I'll be listening to this repeatedly.

Mati Rose


pixie said...

wishing you so much luck and fun! you are both going to do wonderfully! you created this amazing experience, which i admire immensely!! xoxo pixie

stacy kathryn said...

Good luck! and safe travels! have a ton of fun in Italy.

Caryn Lynn said...

Have a fantastic time in Italy. What a dream you are so lucky to be living it. Utah sounds fantastic too, I register last week to join you at the nest and I am sooo excited.

dandelion said...

oh, one day I would love to be taught by you! ...x

jenifer74 said...

have a fabulous lovely lady :) xxx.

lisa s said...

happy happy travels.... can't wait to hear all about it

Katrina said...

oh, you are still in italy--what fun!!! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. can't wait to see the photos you lovely ladies return with. xoxo, k.

Heather said...

This sounds so amazing! Im sure it was the experience of a lifetime!~