Saturday, December 06, 2008

olive picking in tuscany

olive picking in tuscany
olive picking
olive picking
olive picking
olive picking
we're back!
one of the highlights of our trip was the olive harvest on our friend's olive farm named for 150 trees. i think the pictures tell a good story of the day.


lisa s said...

welcome home! can't believe how fast the time went...
can't wait to hear more about your trip

Caryn Lynn said...

Hi Mati,
Your photos are beautiful and rich in color. Looks like a lovely day of harvesting. Welcome home!

Jill Nalette said...

Welcome back home, Mati!! I've missed reading your blog. Those pictures a wonderful, it looks peaceful and fun.
XOXO and Smiles,

katy said...

mati, looks like so much fun...beautiful photos.kt
p.s. my word verification was imati kind-of funny

Gypsy Alex said...

Welcome back, Mati! Olive picking sounds fun! I can't wait to hear all about Italy... xoxox

Anonymous said...

great photos mati. looks like a lovely time. wish we could have been there with you guys. great running into you on the street today. hope to see you and hugh before you guys take off again. xo kim