Friday, March 27, 2009

...and the winner is DAPHNE!

hugh sisters hair

Hello Daphne sez my hubby Hugh!

Daphne said...

"If I won this fabulous ellie, I would have to struggle to decide where to put my studio? Or would I be a nice mom and put her in my son's room? He's five months old and LOVES looking at the art on his walls...I think he needs this elephant!"

YAY! Please send me your address Daphne: matimcd (at)

**thank you all for commenting and for your sweet words complimenting this lucky elephant!

ps- my shop SALE ends April 1st, no fools.
pps-above is an adorable photo of hugh and his 3 older sisters to sign off and wish you a happy weekend.



Karen Tessandore said...

Hi Mati!

I love that photo. It looks like mom or dad wanted to take a picture of the girl's lovely hair right after it was all brushed out...and Hugh jumped in the picture too!

xo ~ Karen

justagirl said...

wow imagine having hair like that... imagine having three older sisters!!!

great photo.