Thursday, March 05, 2009

shows + shops

hello out there,

i'm still reeling from utah inspiration, on the heels of a wonderful trip to seattle. i feel so lucky. man, i still haven't even shared photos from our last show "little vagabonds"... up till april fools, no foolin', if you'd like to make an appointment. both hugh and i sold a bunch of work, but there are still several beauties left!

what's ahead?

i'm part of an awesome print show at hq galerie in montreal opening this saturday:
opening this saturday in montreal!

i'm selling my prints in a few new and new to me stores, including Cranky Yellow in St. Louis. Love them.

As well as the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art! So excited to be included in a museum, even if it's just the gift shop ;)
They are rad and are having an amazing opening tonight! Mike Shine, well shines.

Not to mention the local stores that I love: Rare Device and Arkay that are carrying my prints. Thank you so much!

And of course Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH has some original little elephants available and more new work from me next month as the featured artist :))
In the meantime check out Marisa's sweet + tiny featured work!

I'll be having a big shop update in my etsy soon too, so stay tuned please!



sMacThoughts said...

I love watching your success. You are one of the first artists I found and loved on etsy. COngratulations!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Mati
Can't wait for the updates! I love your work and this morning I bought a painting of yours I've been longing for, for a while now- the "Lucky Navy Elephant"! I am so chuffed- Birthday money is a wonderful thing...................... :)

linda j. said...

I'm always so impressed (but not surprised) by your successful strategies for getting your work out there. It's so inspiring.

Britt said...

ooh. i love olivia jeffries. and i love you too! best show ever!

Sabii Wabii said...

I just got back from seeing a show at the SF folk art museum! I'll look for your art!