Tuesday, April 07, 2009

missing venice today

i heart venice
i heart Venice 2
Venice sunset gondalas 2

sigh. i still haven't properly sorted through our italy photos, but have some lovely ones from our british traveling companion nigel from venice that i uploaded a few of on my flickr. our camera actually pooped out mid weekend photo-shoot and nigel took up the slack and bore with me and my attempts to art direct. these shots are all nigel though. lovely.... aren't they? a huge highlight was our night time gondola ride to celebrate hugh's 40th with the only female gondelier. my oh my, she was amazing... singing through the night around the turns. i'll never forget the ornate spooky scenes of people standing in shadows and moss covered iron doors illuminated in candlelight as we smoothly slipped by. wow. the rasberry champagne that we drank on the boat and subsequent black squid meal was pretty memorable too :)

upon our return i painted this painting of an elephant in a silver boat with the deep waters i recalled from that mysterious city and the brilliant rich colored buildings falling in to the lagoon.

Venezia Elephant
this one is printed on high quality luster paper that fits perfectly in my new mattes! it will be part of a series of layered paintings i'm going to offer in my shop soon.

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megbrothers said...

Wow, I can't help but feel like I just took a little vacation after looking at those gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place. And the new elephant piece is amazing. Gorgeous.

Caryn Lynn said...

Sigh....it sound so lovely and romantic. I have never been to Europe but am trying to arrange a trip this summer. I love that you painted one of your elephants floating along as a memmory of your time there.

risa said...

i love that elephant painting. i'm thinking i need to buy on eof your elephant prints for the nursery we're setting up...but since we haven't even finalized a color or any furniture i'm going to wait a little while...

Liz said...

Love the elephant in the boat... even more dreamy than some of your dreamiest.. xo

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Lovely photos and lovely painting!
Just wanted to say that I received my "Navy Lucky Elephant" painting recently and I'm thrilled with it :D

Anonymous said...

sending a little love your way from italy! xx s

goldenbird said...

Wow, those pictures of Venice are amazing. They made my heart go pitter-patter. I love your description of the female gondelier and the nightime ride. The new painting of the elephant of a silver boat is gorgeous.

sMacThoughts said...

Ooh, I love this painting! I feel his sense of excitement as he ventures forth alone in this beautiful little boat!