Thursday, May 28, 2009

peeking out and a count-down

2 days before i run my first 1/2 marathon!
4 days before i get on a plane for maine, for all of june!
3 days before my subletters move in and we have to all clean + packed!
10 days till my FIFTEENTH high school reuinon!
1 day left before i close my shop for the month!
1 month and 10 days till my next art show with lovely lisa at the curiosity shoppe!

ahhh... can't wait to rest and write and make art and dinner in maine... vacationlandia here we come!!! just got to do a few things to knock of the ol' to-do list first.


ps- the blossom photo on my mirror was taken by my dear new friend and former painting student Diana. check out her new etsy shop goodness!


Sarah said...

I love to visit here and just have to say-good luck with your half marathon! Have a good holiday too!
Sarah :)

rachellovespeace said...

yay! have an awesome time!

Caryn Lynn said...

Wow a half marathon, good for you! Have safe travels to Maine!

Vivienne said...

good luck with your half marathon!

and i so wish i was still living in the bay area so i could come see your show at the curiosity shop!

nadia said...

have fun with your half marathon! enjoy it and rest, rest, rest two nights before because the night before you are just too excited to sleep! ciao!

michelle allen said...


i just happened upon your blog and LOVE your art!
i'm also a "running" artist so i thought i should stop and leave a comment :)

i'm guessing you've already ran your half by now. hope it went well and that you're even more addicted than you were when you went into it.

Gloria said...

Dear Mati,
I met you at Art Nest . I hope you had an exellent half marathon. I have had the best time of my life running it has made me so happy inside. I hope you had a similar expirience. Enjoy Maine its a beautiful place to be in....Happy Summer...Gloria

Amber Louise said...

Wow, just came upon your blog and I love it. Where did you get your mirror? I am enamored!