Thursday, May 07, 2009

she always knew she was strong

kelly's painting under andrea's photo
yes. she did.

my goodness kelly sent me this painting that i absolutely fell in love with. in fact to quote my email to her... i was obsessed with it and kept taking peeks through out the day. is it the turquoise i love so? the hair? the looking sideways? the mischievous face? the red against the teal? the words? how fitting it is? the cheeks? the muddiness of the face? loooove and what a surprise to have it arrive at my doorstop with a note "i wanted you to have her".  big happy tears my friend.

thank you darling. for now she's going under my photo of myself feeling like a pirate taken by hula. both remind me of who i want to be when i grow up is right inside. 

i also wanted to say thank you karen for buying my original painting and showcasing it on BlogHer :) more originals are slowly making their way in my shoppe (my friend kate says she pronounces it shop-pay. does anyone else?)

annnnd if anyone is interested in being a creative ally and sponsor as seen on the right hand side of my blog shoot me an email for details: matimcd(at)hotmail(dot)com



City.Girl.Em said...

You lucky duck!

the camp said...

i am was a good day!

kelly rae said...

so so glad :)
and i love that you signed off with a triple x as in xxx.
hilarious :)
ps-wishing you were here!

britt said...

i love love love the painting featured in blogher. fabulous and brave!

and kelly's work is beautiful. love the style.

britt xx

jenifer74 said...

sweet girly! (& i always sign off xxx!!)

liz elayne lamoreux said...

love all this joy...
i bet you smile widely each time you pass that beautiful, fun, happy painting.

(the line from this post that i am tucking inside my heart = both remind me of who i want to be when i grow up is right inside. thank you for those words. xoxoxo)

catina jane said...

isn't it a blessing to have friends who send you love and magic via the postal service! gotta love it!

Tinniegirl said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely gift arrive on your doorstep. It's beautiful.