Tuesday, July 14, 2009

opening recap!

i feel like i have so much to share, but before it is too ancient history, i wanted to say *thank you* all who came out to our show opening and those from afar who showed your support! it means the world to me, really. our show was really fun! i felt lucky and reminded of what an amazing art & friend community we have here in SF.

here we are, the artists: lisa, wilfredo (i can't say he helped much with the painting!) and me dressed theme appropriately in pink!
wilfredo, lisa and me
photo courtesy of kelly

here's the room pre show so you can see it all together! some pieces are still available here!
the full deal
photo courtesy of lisa

this is my custom designed fabric hanging in the window! alongside pink branches a black bird and hot pink pine cones (why yes i spent a long time spray painting to get that color just right!). and here is lisa's awesome window and fabric too.
my fabric in the window of the curiosity shoppe!
photo courtesy of lisa c

ohh, and i almost forgot the little pink cupcakes made by lauren of the curiosity shoppe!
photo courtesy of the amazing photog andrea

tomorrow i have lots of other news to share! much of that involves my dear kelly who flew down to show her friendship support for the opening! 



the camp said...

i so hope one day i can get to san
fran to visit one of your shows and
to also see lisa's work up close too. the show looks so happy and fun, matching you perfectly.

can't wait to hear the kelly news.


Swirly said...

Congratulations! It looks beautiful!!

Jill from N.H. said...

Mati~ It looked like such fun for sure. Congrates on everything going well!! You deserve it!!

Smiles, Love and Hugs,
Jill from N.H.

jomama said...

congrats on your show! by the way, i LOVE the dress you're wearing in that picture, where'd you get it?