Monday, August 24, 2009

monday musings

farmer's market flowers
farmer's market flowers taken with my i-phone


i've been feeling the urge to add structure to my life in all ways. i'm creating a new exercise and work schedule and encompassed in my work as an artist is this here blog too. 

i think it's fall coming. the beginning of school. the call for something new! do you feel it too?

i'm learning that as much as i resist structure sometimes it allows me freedom. the not needing to make decisions about the dailyness. i love working for myself because every day can be different and i don't feel tied down to a routine, but sometimes it leaves me feeling a little weightless.

so with that in mind, i've been thinking about the evolution of my blog and how at first it was a place for me to chronicle my thoughts about going back to art school and it was incredibly personal and un-edited feeling and then in the last year or so i've pulled back a bit and experimented with feeling more "professional" and now i'm looking to integrate the two. my art is my life and vice versa. while i don't want to include every aspect of my life here... and the general focus is still on my art and process, i'm inevitably affected by my life's ins and outs with my art making and i may share that influence more fully. do you follow?

so my "structure" that i'm going to experiment with this blog is:
wednesday-artist spotlight
thursday-style inspiration

i also want to add that my blog is a place for me to keep track of my thoughts and connect with others and be part of an art community, so i love to read your comments and get to know who's out there, but it's okay if you're quiet too. also, like a journal/diary i write here freely and with out much editing so typos happen! it's important to me that this feels like a place where i can write loosely and as part of my artistic process vs. more work. therefore the above schedule is a little experiment that i may choose to abandon if it doesn't work for me too ;)

fun to re-imagine my blog here...feels like adding some colorful paint or pillows to a room!



britt said...

oh sweet girl. what a fantastic idea. i always love reading your posts.
i too had a blog redo. i moved to blogspot and started fresh(wordpress has too many limitations)


Anonymous said...

i just finished the opening of my first show last week and am having the same feelings about balance and routines. i am working to return to my previous schedule of exercising and art making + the 8-5 job. i too have been wondering about a new-ish direction for my blog. perhaps more structure as you have indicated...

ale said...

hola mati rose!!!
...with your beautifull blog...for me every day is a beautifull sourprise!!! l enjoy a lot your words and your art!!!!LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!...we will be here...happy!!!!
hasta luego!!!!...ale

erin carver said...

love your blog Mati (I'm one of those quiet ones you mention, but starting to venture out!) and will enjoy seeing how the structure experiment unfolds... sounds magic!

ragamuffin yogini said...

I've been a "quiet one" for awhile....I was inspired enough reading your blog and kelly rae's to buy a canvas, but I haven't put the paint to it yet....someday when I figure out the structure of my days, I guess. I think most of us read the blogs that are part art and part human. We have become a society that "connects" this way and I can't wait to get to "know" you better.

Amanda said...

I've been thinking about routines a lot lately and all the things that suck you out of the routine. I haven't found any answers yet though.

Swirly said...

I love the new idea, and look forward to seeing everything you share. You always inspire me!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in so much of the same head space--trying to figure out how to share and be personal and create community while still learning to be a professional. Because once art school is over for me, it's straight to work on my own business! And I've been needing some structure on my blog as well. I'm still in the brainstorming process on how I'll do that but the prospect of doing different series is exciting!

I look forward to reading seeing how the personal and professional integration goes for you. And if you ever feel like doing some brainstorming with me I would totally love that! For me blogging is all about creating community too. And the more creative friends we can surround ourselves with, the better!

Rowena said...

I love those blues and oranges in your photo. I know not what you're talking about, but I love them, the vaguely oriental cast and the shapes. Lovely.

But I too have been feeling the need to take stock of who I am being, what is working and where I want to go. Blog, internet, shops and classes.

When you want to do so much, sometimes you need to be very precise in the steps so you don't get lost in all the doing.

jenifer74 said...

have i shared the new time management system we developed (are developing) for the mister? it's working pretty well - i'll share when i see you :)

brittany said...

i love coming here just to see what is up with mati. however you feel like letting me know sounds good to me:)

I know what you mean about the structure. I go back and forth whether I love it or hate it. I am in need of a re-structure with many areas of my life right now too. It must be in the air.

I'm sad I won't see you at squam this year.


sophia said...

always a pleasure reading your posts...with or without stucture(-;

Andi said...

Love the new ideas you've come up with! Your blog is such a daily dose of inspiration for me. THANK YOU!!! XO