Thursday, October 01, 2009

happiness to me is 5 minutes

* husband making the bed
* morning wandering walks of noticing
* school children on field trips
* older ladies with grocery carts and funny hair
* a line for donuts
* freshly clean laundry
* butternut squash soup
* toast
* dried apricots & almonds to snack
* studio time
* sparks of new ideas and color combinations
* my sweet interns caitlin & jenny
* farmer's market mornings
* chapstick
* composting
* holding hands
* wearing my paint caked apron all day
* my clogs
* rolling my pants up high with big cuffs
* soft tee shirts
* silk scarves strewn with pretty bold patterns
* reading bits of the new yorker
* bloggy love
* blue grass


Dani said...

i've been checking out your blog for a while. i love seeing what you have to say! these things are happiness to me too. and i'm glad to know there's someone else around that delights in the little bits.

Regina said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely happiness.

take 38 said...
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take 38 said...

I just had 5 minutes of happiness reading thru your list...thanks for good images!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

A delicious and purely blissful list indeed:D

Angela Friend said...

What a nice list! Thanks for sharing a little piece of happiness with the rest of us!!

jenifer74 said...

ditto on the market mornings :) actually, ditto on lots of those!