Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ORIGINAL work available!

Hi there,

I get lots of inquiries for original paintings so I thought I'd cull together a spot to look through all the available work!
patchwork elsa bird

I have original work available at Art Stream Studios, SF MIni Bar (at 837 Divis if you want to pop by), The Enormous Tiny Show and in my shoppe!

Thanks for looking! Please email me with any questions: matimcd(at)hotmail(dot)com


Leisa Hammett said...

Oh, my. This is happy art, I said to myself as I looked at your art, having been led there by dear Chookooloonks. And then, in a hurry, I look at your blog. Oh. I have not read a word. Yet. And, good writing being a must for this finicky subscriber. But the visuals...that made my heart leap and my finger jump to the RSS feed. Thank you for your heart art! Namaste,

Kristen said...

I looove your art work! It makes me happy.

dolores pardo said...

tu trabajo es precioso, te felicito!

britt said...

lady, you rock.
so cohesive, no matter when you created it.

Katey Dutton said...

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOV EYOUR WORK?!?! DO YOU KNOW? This is such a random comment on this post but I just wanted to let you know that I did a little post about you over in my neck of the woods, check her out.