Monday, January 11, 2010

34 really good things that happened this year.

Inspired by my friend Hula and extreme love of lists I want to share 34 good things (one for every year so far!)

This year, I...

1. turned 34 years this December and celebrated so much goodness....

2. am now represented by my dream art agency~ Lilla Rogers Studio!
more on this later! :)

3. have a line of art canvases with a wonderful company called Oopsy Daisy
(more on this too!)

4. met a really lovely, sassy and inspiring British lady who loves her polas, like this one with Mr. Pickle below....

Photo by Susannah Conway

5. spent a summer month of lounging and painting in Maine near my family.

6. painted on a mannequin for an amazing group show in LA, which I now use for my necklaces.

my bedroom corner
Photo by Kelly Rae

7. collaborated on the characters of a board game with Hugh which we played this with some friends!

Photo by Bob Lake

...and more friends!

8. made a lot of enormous tiny art.

9. had a show with my good pal Lisa at the Curiosity Shoppe.

10. went to the farmer's market weekly with Jen and Shash and sometimes Diana.

11. visited Seattle and my best childhood friend Bekah and Kelly and painted together.

12. taught painting at a lovely nest in Utah.

13. took an amazing on-line class where I dreamed big.

14. had a show with Hugh in Albuquerque where we painted a giant monster.

Photo by Jessie Rogers

15. participated in the summer and winter Renegades.

Photo by Bob Lake

16. had a show with Hugh in SF called little vagabonds and another at the SF mini-bar

17. worked and learned alongside Jenny and Caitlin~ my 2 incredible and very talented interns.

18. was featured in several magazines... one all the way to Denmark.

19. wandered the Mission streets with Hula as she snapped photos and saw my hood anew.

20. watched my nieces and nephews grow and celebrated their birthdays... with nearly a zoo!


21. modeled a dress project!

22. ran a 1/2 marathon! with my darling friend Kate & encouragement of Kathleen-- thank you!

23. went to my 15th high school reunion and had fun!

24. partook in a Squam Artstream show with some lovelies.

25. was featured in 2 coloring books.

26. indulged in a spa goddess day with Andrea & Kelly ;)

27. flea marketed and inspiration gathered with some dear ones...

Photo by Kelly Rae

28. collaborated with my mom on pillows (she sewed them!) with fabric designed by me-- 5 left!

pillows designed by me

29. witnessed a beautiful wedding with Iranian & Mexican influences of dear folks.


30. celebrated my friend tavie's 23rd birthday (who i used to babysit!)


31. threw 3 baby showers on our rooftop and fell in love with those babes~ Zada, Toby and Holden; not to mention Caelan... and went to a one year birthday!


32. collaborated on these baubled beauties.

33. made a cd, poster, t-shirt with hugh for our friend's band and won some design awards for it!

34. was part of an awesome book called the handmade marketplace that will be out soon!

hello 2010, i'm ready for you!



Susannah said...

okay, my crush on you just increased by 1000% - i have fluttering hearts in my eyes :)

You are gonna rock 2010 so hard, baby! xox

brittany said...

GO MATI! You rocked 2009! Knowing you is inspiring to me:)

When I grow up I want to be like Mati.

jess gonacha swift said...

What a fabulous year!! Huge congrats on being represented by Lilla Rogers-- that is a dream come true indeed. I'm so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

wow- what a great year! here's to another awesome one! xo

Catherine Denton said...

Wowzer Zowzer! You DID rock 2009. Can't wait to see your 2010.
Winged Writer

take 38 said...

Holy Moly...what an incredible year! Way to rock it like the rockstar you obviously are. I've no doubt that 2010 will be another doozie! Enjoy...

andrea said...

oh mati. I love this. like, love times one thousand. xo

gigegy said...

Good job Mati! You deserve it and so much more. xo

Kerstin Svendsen said...

wow, what a fabulous year mati!

Magical Cat said...

Absolutely LOVE your list!


stef said...

wow - so totally and utterly amazing. 2009 was your year and 2010 seems to be yet another one! rock on honey!! rock on!


Anonymous said...
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