Friday, January 29, 2010

Hope & Joy for Haiti

Myriam and the moon photo by Andrea Scher

When the earthquake happened in Haiti many of us waited to hear from our friend Myriam about her family there. She wrote:

My uncle Victor and Tante Mado both separately support two schools in Haiti, both have been demolished, many dead.. My uncle is housing as many children from the school as he can, all are disconnected from their own families. The shortage of water and food is chaotic and the trauma experienced is only just beginning to be understood.

My Tante Mado has 52 school girls without homes, living at the remains of their school. Another aunt, continues to wait for communication with her sister whom she was on the phone with when the quake started. It's very confusing what the best help is right now as it seems nothing is enough. Communication is so difficult, we are getting reports of deaths without any real confirmations. My heart just aches and aches, while my head spins with thoughts of how to empower myself and use all of my resources.

In speaking with family, funding is the most vital. Some are thinking beyond the disaster recovery to rebuilding homes, schools and churches.

Myriam has made the goal of raising 30,000 to help her family and the children of Haiti. You can read all about her story right here and donate below. I feel so grateful to be able to give money directly to a friend and to know how it will be used. Myriam hopes to return to bring the money personally to Haiti to document the process. Please also spread the word and blog about Joy for Haiti too if you feel moved to!


Leililaloo said...

It's all so heart breaking.... Thanks for putting this opportunity to donate on your blog...i hope it will reach the $30.000 and more!

Barbara Santucci said...

Hi Mati Rose,
I just read about you in Artful Blogging.
I enjoyed your article and art work very much.
I am a fellow artist and I write children's picture books.
I have JUST started a blog because it was my IL writer's group's challenge last month. I mean --I just started.
I live in IL and I am old enough to
be your mom-ha. My own daughters are a bit younger than you but I
they are my inspiration!
The reason I am wriitng is that YOU inspired me to move into my basement so I can have more room to work on my illustration work.
My fine art paintings can still be done in my sun room. But the illustration work needs to sprawl out everywhere-no??
So thank you for inspiring me and making me smile.
barb santucci