Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Artful Journey= Collage on Steroids!


Kelly and I taught a Chunky Funky Coffee Table Book (CFCTB) this weekend in the Santa Cruz mountains, or as we coined in our class- collage on steroids! We had the best time! It was amazing to see the transformation of not only the students, but from the clean classroom to the creative explosion it became! The students were so positive and full of energy and enthusiasm! We painted for 3 days straight and many students kept on painting to midnight. Thank you everyone! I loved every second with you and feel so filled up. We even had a little harlem-globetrotters-esque cheer at the end as we piled into the assembly to share our work cheering the CFCTB with the books held up high. It was a definite highlight. Thank you especially to Stella & Louise for the photos! I'll be sending y'all a follow-up email soon with all your contact info :)


~Valentina~ said...

Looks like everybody have an amazing experience : *BEAUTIFUL* mess!!

stella said...

thanks for an amazing weekend! your pieces are so inspiring and fun! i am enamored with your elephants! it was a pleasure to meet you and i hope our paths cross again someday soon.

mle jean said...

oh, that looks awesome!!

willotoons said...

soo neat, I love it! sounds like a fabulous & inspiring weekend of creating.

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome fun

wish i were there

the friendship, conradship the artwork - all sooo goood.


Debra said...


Congrats on being featured in "Artful Blogging" magazine ~ loved your article & blog!!'re lucky & blessed.


NoeKs blogt... said...

That looks nice, inspiring and fun! And I love the results!

Shelley Renee' said... jealous..wish i could have been there we have nothing of the sort where i live..or at least i have never seen it. what a total sweet blessing and all the women look so happy too

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