Wednesday, April 07, 2010

where i've been lately

roadtripping to palm springs with 2 girlfriends, snuffly sick and moving to a new beautiful & quiet apartment with a lemon tree.... all in one week. yes, it's possible. insane, but possible.

the glowing red entry of our hotel


flights of bacon- dr pepper & jalapeno!

after a long day of moving treating myself to lilacs

mixing up my monsters and girly things

our lovely lemon tree in our new back yard

oh and i love



tiffany said...

Oh, it all looks lovely -- minus the sniffles, of course! And, um, a bacon flight?!? Sign me up, stat!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on finding a home that resonates with you, is right for where you are now in your life, that makes you happier. and to have a lemon tree? wonderful!

from someone who reads and enjoys your blog (thanks for sharing)

Flor Larios Art said...

Love your blog and your work!
Congrats for being published in so many magazines!

maddie said...

i adore lemons

a lemon tree is positively

you can have a lemonade stand in the summer!

stef said...

I've been missing you so these glimpses are good for me...I miss those lilacs! I need to go get me some. xoxo

chrissy said...

yeah for mati!
i love that monsters and girly things all live peacefully together in your home.
that rocks.
i planted a lemon tree once and i only ever gave me one dry parched slightly yellowish fruit.
so happy that yours is abundant!!!!
start stalking your baker friends for yummy lemon recipes.
you light me up miss mati rose.
happy moves and lemon trees and girlie trips with bacon and dr. pepper to you!

Jo said...

Oh my gosh! I am a HUGE Sean Hayes fan!
I've seen him in L.A. and Seattle several times.
He is truly amazing. It's so great to find another fan here in blog world. :)

(oh....and that too!)