Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yo-yo headbands

Aren't these the cutest?! My insanely creative intern Jenny has launched a new business called Jenuine Ruby! These are her adorable daughters modeling her new yo-yo headbands. I just ordered one for myself and can't wait to wear it. It seems like an easy way to hair happiness.

Jenny is offering a GIVEAWAY! The winner can choose any headband from her shop. Leave a comment here to be entered by May 20th!



Louise Gale said...

Gorgeous, love them, like candy flowers in your hair, so totally hair happiness! The little girls are adorable models too. :-)

steph said...

Cute! count me in :)

Anna-Marie Still said...

My daughter Kyla would LOVE one of these...Hmmm....on second thought, so would I!

carol said...

these are cool

have a good one


take 38 said...

So so cute! Love them! Thanks for the give-away opp!

Laurie G. said...

Cute! I remember a friend's mom making yo-yo quilts in the '70s. There's something so happy about yo-yos. Great idea.

britt said...

too cute

Gypsy Alex said...

These are simply adorable! I can see my little girl wearing one of these charmers soon :)

andrea said...

love these!!

andrea said...

ooooooh! super cute! count me in! xo

Jen Lee said...

These are super cute--Amelia loves them, too!

Karen/Chookooloonks said...

My daughter is a die-hard headband aficionado. She'd enter this contest twice if she could.

beautiful work!


CEB said...


Sheila said...

Those are SO cute!

rachel awes said...

i say
sweet blooms
the tippy top
of my head!
these are
so sweet!x

Kolleen said...

precious....love them!!!

little sprinkles of yumminess for our hair!!!


Ilaria Benedetti said...

Lovely! They'll look great on my little girl's head!

Gina said...

They are so much fun! Love them!

robin westenhiser said...

adorable, i have a neice who would love wearing these!
Thanks for the chance!