Friday, June 11, 2010

Blame Sally Awards

I thought I'd share this post by my Husband Hugh from his blog!

The poster design that my wife Mati McDonough and I did last year for our friends in the band Blame Sally just keeps getting awards. Earlier in the year the poster was featured in the Society of Illustrators 52 show and annual. Now it's garnered another honor: it is in the 3x3 Professional Show for 2010!

(If you've never seen 3x3 magazine, you should check it out. When it comes in the mail we rush to open it, fight over who gets to read it first, and linger over every page. It really is a beautifully designed, loving homage to contemporary illustration that is a must for any artist or designer.)

The t-shirt version — printed on gorgeous Alternative Apparel shirts — won best swag from the Independent Music Awards in 2009:

You can get your own copy of the silkscreen poster from us here, and you can pick up the shirt from Blame Sally here.

Mati and I don't put our artistic heads together that often, but when we do we get an awesome product. (I guess that's one reason the marriage works, right?)


Louise Gale said...

Hey Mati, this is V. V. Cool. Love the tshirt too. you guys do work together so well, the collaboration bird painting you did was also fabulous. Keep rocking on and enjoy the summer. xxx

Mindy Lacefield said...

wow!! this is so, so awesome. you are MY rockstar and hero. congrats on all the awards this has received to both you and hugh.

i simply cannot wait till your ecourse...!!!,so excited!!
love ya bunches :-)