Tuesday, June 15, 2010

excerpts from "....simple list"

1. it's really simple really, to paint is to trust to believe in our instincts; to become.
2. painting is an investigation of being.
4. painting is an act of devotion. a practiced witnessing of the human spirit.
5. paintings are about: paint, observation & thought.
10. light is the true home of painting.
13. painting, like water takes form. paint is a film of pigment on a plane. it is not real in a way gravity bound sculpture is real. it is however real. painting comes to reality through illustion which allows us to make a leap of faith; to believe. to believe in a blue which can be a wing of a bug or a thought. it makes our invisible visible.

by squeak

found scrawled onto notes of mine so pardon punctuation and lack of accuracy to the source.


The Creative Beast said...

these are great musings on what painting is...i like No.#4 in particular but that is how i feel about making art in general - it IS an act of devotion =-)

thank you for sharing this list!

BTW: your poster design looks fabulous as a t-shirt! when my No Clothes Challenge is over, i'm going to snap one up if there are some left!! ;)

amandajayne said...

thanks for sharing the inspiration and the reminder of why painting is so important to me

amy said...

thank you for this! i especially love the first one. well, really, i love all of them. thanks for your art and inspiration :)