Friday, June 18, 2010

instant pick me ups

i'm all about quick happy easy fixes to boost your mood. if the flower garden didn't work for you from my earlier post here are a few more superficialcalifragilstic ideas!

background: i'm dealing with a burst h20 pipe/ plumber, 4 loads of laundry and shipping today. not to mention when i'm working from home there's a halfway house next door with a crazy man talking on the porch at all hours and and and a basset hound howling in the back, not to mention home construction across the street and constant pounding and drilling. i know, i know... i live in the city.

1) my lovely (and sadly now former) intern's cutie headband. i miss you jenny!

2) a large baubley ring

3. sparkly eyeshadow (the talented & gorgeous jonatha brooke tipped me off on this one aptly named "midnight cowboy")

4. a little sunkiss blush... i'm liking "the balm" bronzer (which a sweet woman who bought my painting hooked me up with a bunch of freebies from her company!)

5. korres lip butter. i'm wearing mango & like quince too.

6. anything hot pink. i think my ruffled tank is just old navy, but it makes me happy.

ps- no mean comments please! NO i have not showered... our plumber is working on that sitch! yes, i'm i'm this awkward stance bc i'm showing you my baubley turquoise ring from venice glass blowers and simultaneously plugging my ears.

pps- i remember when i first started this blog 5 years ago i'd never show photos of myself and i think i was in my late 20's and at least 20 lbs thinner. what was i thinking?! i guess i'm less self conscious as i grow up. i suspect i'll be piling on more baubley rings, hot pink, sparkly eye shadow the older i get.


Russty said...

Mati Rose, I admire anyone who can try to find the good during the stressful times. It is always hard to do when we are feeling so overwhelmed with life's STUFF. I think you look lovely and the most important thing is the smile on your face. Sometimes we have to just keep on moving on and smile while we're doing it.

I never appreciated what I looked like when I was younger. Nothing was ever good enough. Now I've gained weight, have grey hair, and wrinkles. But I've embraced that the people that love me can look past all of that and see the joy and love in my heart. The grey hair is just marks of a life well lived.

Keep believing in yourself and finding the goodness in the little things. I know it's what keeps me going. :D

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I love that first shot especially. I love the fact that you played dress ups with yourself and then shared it with us. I love that you 'played' your way out of the blah. It's seems such a you thing to do.

And quince lip butter! Seriously yum.

Mira Reisberg said...

Mati - you could gain 70lbs and you's still be gorgeous!

jenny said...

You just made my day! =)

I miss you too.... I read about your woes with the water pipes and shipping on twitter and I SO wish I could come help you with those! I really miss our Wednesdays! xoxo

ABCcreativity said...

i love this post.
thank you.
and urban decay makes any day awesome. when i'm cranky i wear "goddess" which is navy with blue glitter. it totally helps.

tiffany said...

Own it, girl! I think you look totally gorg!

Brandi Marie said...

You look beautiful! How could anyone have anything mean to say about such lovliness? You brighten my day (as does your work that hangs in my sunny bedroom)! May have to dig out some sparkley eyeshadow myself :)

amy said...

your comment about being younger reminded me of this post a friend sent a few days ago

i love that you're plugging your ears..hilarious. i used to live in chicago and would go mad at the construction and noise in the summer. dying to sleep but being rudely awaken at 6 am.
happy weekend!

kylee said...

super cute!

lisa s said...

mati - you are SO cute ! :)
i'm older and still hate photos of me.... sigh....

and yes for sparkles and baubles and glittery happy making things !

chrissy said...

oh mati...
i love you.
you make me smile.
thank you.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Such lovely pictures! Never stop sharing!!! And good luck with the crazy neighbor. Ha.

Shanie said... are TOO cute! Please, please link me to where I can find a ring like that! So cool. I also love this might too...

Thanks for sharing a genuine you...we need more of that in the world for sure!! XO

stef said...

smoootch! xo