Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my art in rosie's room!

i loved seeing this nursery on facebook that a friend pointed out to me of her friend's daughter's room! how cool? rosie has a BEAUTIFUL room!

my art in rosie's room!

this elephant art is stretched on canvas and is from Oopsy Daisy! you can put in your zipcode and see where they are selling it closest to you. or online at various stores like this one. also my elephants are available as prints OR you could commission an original elephant of your very own too!

i started a personal flickr group to collect images of my art in your homes. please feel free to email me with photos you have at any point: matirose(at)gmail(dot)com


ps i feel so encouraged by your comments about my every day painting practice! i borrowed the idea from my friend and inspiring artist marisa! i'll post a new painting later on today...


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Hi sweet Mati! Always a fan of your elephants, it's so great to see them as large canvases with Oopsy Daisy. That's great that you're daily painting. I LOVE your first one and I know exactly what you mean about trying to get back to the heart of painting. Sometimes, once the business side of things gets going, it can be easy to lose sight of what first inspired us to be begin with. Thank you for the shout out ;) Can't wait to see what you create! xo

The Creative Beast said...

what a fun idea to share pictures of your work in the homes of the owners!! that baby room is BEE-YEW-T-FULL!

and i'm looking forward to the daily creations =-)

Anna-Marie Still said...

girl, you are in the zone...love, love, love seeing the way you are spreading out all over the place! fab-o-licious!