Tuesday, July 27, 2010

birds on a wire

I love these birds on a wire with Chicago sentiments.

It has been a fave print of many over the years and now the original is available for you here!



ale said...

qué lindo mati rose!!!!and your photo with the word abundance is LOVELY!!!!besos!

Louise Gale said...

Gorgeous. YES I have this print and LOVE it. Ive just moved my apartment around so im deciding where to hang it. :-)

Kim said...

I used to live in Columbia, SC and there was a chicken restaurant called Birds on a Wire. Clever, no?

stacy kathryn said...

This is one of my favorite paintings of yours!! :)

Mrs. Spotts said...

I love this one!

Have you seen Anahata's (from Papaya) post about your stuff??? Go now if you haven't! I was excited to see your beautiful work there today.

ps, glad you liked the elephant game, hope you have fun trying it out!!

melekler korusun final izle said...

thank you

tiffany said...

Mati, this is so gorgeous!!