Monday, July 05, 2010

doily dreams

detail of one of my fave doily paintings

as many of my past students & studio mates can attest, i LOVE spray painting doilies & lace! i remember the summer i discovered the technique through experimenting a few years ago and could not stop spray painting through doilies (i bought a garbage bag full of them at the thrift store!) and other found objects... like a pretty patterned rubber place mat and weird vent thing that had a petaled pattern! once you start looking for inspiration in this department it's everywhere!

here are some more explorations (the 2 on the right are already sold):


silver doily love, measures 4x4 inches on canvas (above)
available HERE
tangerine & the ocean measures 4x4 on canvas
available HERE

i think what i love most about this process is they layering and mystery involved in the outcome!



Ms. Smart said...

doily is a good word.

Carola Zajdman said...

Great work !!!

leafonatree said...

Great idea. These pieces are gorgeous!

susanne fyfe said...

I love these! They almost look like tye dye :)

The Creative Beast said...

i loved learning about using doilies in artwork from you Mati! now i look for doilies that lend themselves to spray painting techniques =-)

tammy said...

such a simple idea with amazing results. the one on the bottom right is gorgeous.

Mira Reisberg said...

Love these but Mati be super careful - spray paint is insanely toxic and can wreck your nervous system.

emma said...

I love these mati, did you use an airbrush? spray can? you manage to get such a dreamy look to these pieces

iHanna said...

I love spray painting too, and anything lacy is good in my book. nice work these paintings!