Thursday, August 05, 2010

genuineness trumps cool every time

feather power black
feather power in black, original available here

everyone has a story and beauty can be found in the most unsuspected places. this i believe.

i have a wide range of friends. i subscribe to a wide range of super low brow (people mag) and high brow (the new yorker) reads. i thoroughly enjoy block buster rom coms and obscure black and white documentaries. i may sound indiscriminating, but i think it keeps it real to take in the wide range of culture.

it's one of the things i like about my husband hugh too. he has such a range of friends and interests and in particular movie tastes! hello, when i first met him he had seen all the oscar contenders! and he likes the more avant garde flicks too.

anyway, i think it extends to my art too. sometimes i feel like making more edgy pieces and other times more accessible ones. in the end i have to follow my own impulse. mostly, i try to make art that makes me happy in the hope that that happiness extends beyond me. sometimes making dark paintings make me happy and other times sweet bright ones do the trick.

all that to say, i try to be genuine in my actions and intentions in life and relish taking in the wide swath of what the world has to offer. incongruities in life keep things interesting!

be well,


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

I think that's precisely why people adore your art, Mati - it's authentic, consistently varied and wonderfully whimsical. You are your art, your art is you!

Juliette Crane said...

i think that's awesome. i try to do the same thing with my paintings. at first i started freaking out, thinking my style was changing or was so all over the place, but then i realized it's just all the different parts of me coming out. i so appreciate the genuine. thank you for sharing!


Ludid said...

sometimes i feel guilty when i enjoy painting with darker colors more than lighter ones. i often felt that because i am a truly happy person i should painting with "happy" colors. i decided that i create what i enjoy at the moment and feel in my heart. great post.

Louise Gale said...

Dear Mati, just what i needed to hear today. I sometimes feel im all over the place but i think its just how im feeling and what i want to create and explore that day. I love all your different creations and its so refreshing and genuine to read your lovely post. Have a fabulous weekend. x

The Creative Beast said...

i think multi-faceted authentic folks are the coolest to hang out with =-)

good for you that you are embracing all parts of yourself - i think it makes for interesting art with layers of depth!

sarah said...

this one is so beautiful!

betsy said...

I love this post so much, Mati. I just adore your authenticity.

Your fellow People and New Yorker reader

stefanier renee said...

rock on honey, i love it all and this one is beautiful! xoxo

Rebekah Leigh said...

Hi, this painting is beautiful! I love the colours and the look of the girl. Your post really made sense to me, and as Juliette Crane said I too freak out a bit thinking 'I have no style'!! Then I spend ages wondering if I actually need a a style!! Thanks for your post, I love reading your blog :-)

Laura Ludwig Hamor said...

Authenticity always shines through!
Love your art! I am so happy i met so many cool, authentic people through MB!!
: )