Wednesday, August 18, 2010


postcard for our show!

part of why i've been freaking out lately is that i have a show coming up in about 2 weeks! and it's really bad timing to fall off my bike and hurt my painting arm. alas, today i woke up and with some rest and space looked at where i'm at... and i think it's gonna be good. i like my work and while i still have a lot to paint, i'm excited!!

so my joint show with jennifer judd-mcgee at rare device on 1845 market st in SF!

sept. 2, 7-9 pm
sept. 2-28, 2010

i chuckled at liv's comment and it's truth: But what is the one requirement for riding a bicycle? You have to be balanced or you are destined to crash. Looks to me like the Universe dressed up as Captain Obvious and is doing everything possible to get you to rest a bit!

thanks all for your kind words and support on my journey here!



Laura Ludwig Hamor said...

Liv is a wise woman!
Cheers to a healthy recovery! A great show! and a Balanced Life!
: )

gypsysticks said...

best wishes to you for peace (read: no stress) and for a happy and successful show. :)
blessings and happiness,

Juliette Crane said...

love that i'll be in san francisco for the first time during your exhibit! can't wait to stop by and check it out :)

The Dreaming Bear said...

Good luck with your upcoming show! So wish I was close enough to attend!!! Darn!

chrissy said...

dearest mati
i am late to the game but still wanted to send you huge hugs!
hoping that things are balancing out a tad bit.
hoping you got back on your bike..
{that.s the mom in me!}
i.ll be releasing the good luck fairies soon to fly over your way and land right where they will be of best use in your upcoming show.
everything you do is golden...i have NO doubt that "SPIN" will be just as shimmery!
you make me smile.