Monday, August 02, 2010

supporting one another

elephants in love

I've had an inspiring day so far! I met early with my Monday morning ladies biz group--a small group of artists and crafters who share resources and offer accountability and support.

Then I met up with the lovley Lacy and Leigh of Curly Girl who's visiting from Boston at Tartine. What a treat!

I love how when women artists get together there's so much sharing of knowledge and stories of what's worked for folks in their creative path. I'm always so interested in how people got to where they are. Where that creative burst of genius came from to inspire them to do what they do. What have been the struggles and successes and how they balance the ebbs and flows of being an artist and entrepreneur. We learn so much from one another!

Happy Monday :-)

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Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

all so true Mati. that's what makes the internet so fab as well. we get to learn the stories of people near and far.

love this piece.

Nerd Jerk said...

Knowledge would be nothing if we didn't have the willingness to learn from one another. I'm so glad that we can share ideas & best-business-practises with each other. Fostering a nurturing environment for fellow artists seems like the perfect way to go about becoming truly successful.

Brittany said...

are those elephants wearing TUBE SOCKS!?!?!? and if not, don't tell me, i'm too much in love. :)

Salzanos said...

I have a group like that here too! Thanks for stopping by today and commenting. We think alike. ;-)
When 0ur ladies meet we have lots to share and the ideas just start banging away in our minds!!