Friday, October 29, 2010

hbd fanny!!

i want to wish my intern turned assistant crafty fanny a super happy birthday!!! here she is super cute in her bike dress on my back porch in her sweet red sandals that i have too :-)

happy birthday to crafty fanny!

Can you see my meyer lemon tree behind her? Totally in love with it as well as CF.

And here's another shot of cutie Fanny behind the scenes making the magic happen.

my behind the scenes woman



danielle said...

What a nice tribute to a super duper fun-loving talented birthday girl! Happy birthday fanny!

Louise Gale said...

Ah so cute and happy birthday. Mati your place looks wonderful and sunny, just like you. xx have a fab weekend.

tiffany said...

aw, Mati, you are the super sweetest! Thanks for the awesome birthday wishes!! xoxo

The Creative Beast said...

Happy Birthday to Crafty Fanny!!

I'm sure she is an AMAZING assistant!!

The Dreaming Bear said...

She is so cute! Happy Bday to her! LOVIN' that bicycle dress!!!