Monday, October 25, 2010

i lost my initial treasure seeker blog post...

i'm not sure where my previous post went, so i'm seting off on another journey seeking! i'm starting a new batch of paintings and re-writing this so i remember my mindset :) my blog is often just as much for me to document my life as it is to share to you. sometimes i think of things in blog post time... like oh yeah, that was 5 posts back, so a couple months ago. hee.

here's the bare bones first step towards my second series... take comfort fellow painters that they start like this... they will evolve greatly over time, i hope! it kind of pains me to post this... but i'm being brave!

starting a new batch of treasure seekers

pretend you're a feather powered pirate at sea... soaking in the turquoise deep sea waters as far as the eye can see. you are surrounded by jewels, sea flowers, bold bohemian silk scarves that are faded by sun and sea salt. your ship is sturdy and you have a baby elephant on board that snuggles with you at night to keep you warm. maybe a super hot pirate too ;) you're blasting your favorite sea tunes into the night. you feel alive, calm and full of adventure. you raise your sails in the sun of day and stand at the helm of the ship. you sail up to tropical islands where you fill your treasure chest with more exquisite booty. you drink fresh coconut and mango juice as you sink into the warm sand, hear the waves lapping, feel the nourishing sun warm your skin and take a nap.

i hope my paintings evoke a sense of wonder, jewels, sun and sea and fill you up to help preserve your treasures.

here are some photos of some previously finished pieces that i deleted earlier too;)

treasure seeker series
underwater treasures


Happy Mama said...

Love your bravery and l.o.v.e. the beautiful beginnings of the next series.

I feel the same way about my blog. It's my journal, a way to document my life now, for me. It's also my space to share with my friends near and far. Blogging = awesome.

Russty said...

I love seeing the beginning of the paintings. So much potential! I often worry if I post a partially finished painting people will think it's horrible. You're so brave to put it out there so people can see it's a process and a journey to find that just right it's finished point.

leafonatree said...

So exciting! I love your work. It makes me happy.

andrea said...

your beginnings are so adorable.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Thanks for being brave and sharing Mati! I love seeing works in progress. I just posted a wip on my blog. I'm always nervous to share my work but I feel a lot of love and encouragement here in blog land. Looking forward to seeing your lil treasures progress. :)

annamaria said...

Beautiful work!!:)exprom

sMacThoughts said...

You are so talented! I love the fishies in that last painting... they are dreamy.