Sunday, October 17, 2010

to a young painter

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To a Young Painter

by jen lee

Trust yourself. Your vision. Your hand.
And when your eyes wander in comparison,
close them.

When the world wants you to strategize,
do not apologize for letting your heart lead,
for letting your canvas bleed out
your questions and your fears,
all the desires that you clutch.
You can throw them into the world
like a great flying disc,
letting them land in light and shadow
and colors that surprise.
In images that do not apologize for their honesty.

Give yourself. Your vision. Your hand.
And when your eyes see what is true,
open them.

my talented writer friend jen lee wrote the above and i had to share. she's good, eh?


Karen D said...

yes she is love it

Brandi Marie said...

Oh I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Pretty sure that was written just for me.

Yep, I'm gonna keep thinking that.

:) Thanks so much for sharing this. I plan on printing it out and tacking it up above my desk.

Shari said...

Thanks to Jen for writing it and Mati for posting. I especially love the part about closing your eyes to comparison. I think is one of the true killers of creativity. That and criticism...both inner and outer.

Meghan said...

Love this. Jen's words are always spot on. Great reminder to the young creative in all of us.

Louise Gale said...

Such lovely words. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing these words.

Pamela Holderman said...

very good indeed. thanks for sharing it.

Pippin said...

lovely poem. i took a class with jen lee at squam and it was fantastic. i never cried with so many women.

me said...

Speaking as a young painter, I would like to thank you!!!

hazelnutcottage said...

oh, i am that young painter, artist, something, (i don’t really know yet, you see)—oh, not young by age, no, no, no—young by experience, by lack of know how. and oh, to learn to close my eyes sometimes...yes...

jan avellana said...

i am that young painter, artist, (i don’t really know yet, you see, but i am something). and not young by age—noooooosiree—but young by my lack of know how, young by experience. oh, to learn how to close my eyes sometimes, yes, this i must learn how to do...