Wednesday, November 17, 2010

treasure seekers part 2

my newest batch of treasure seeker paintings will be available tomorrow, as in thursday, november 18th at 10am pacific standard time!admittedly, i'm a wee bit obsessed with boats and shades of turquoise right now!


i love how you can line up the seas in them...
the sea lines up

wide ocean sea bloom...this painting combines vintage wallpaper with contemporary patterns, beautiful shades of blue paint sanded to show layers with a silver leaf boat and charcoal pencil. Not to mention the fuschia blooms~
wide open bloom

sea wall...
wall of treasure seekers part 2

with this series i'm connecting the dots between my childhood on the maine coast and today on the coast of sf. my papa named a boat after me and i think that was formative in my thinking of myself when i was little. here's the name plate still hanging in my childhood bedroom~
from my papa's boat
ahoy matey!
ships ahoy!


playcrane said...

absolutely adorable--the art and the picture

TJ said...

This is so sweet! I think you'll need to re-post it on father's day. What a cool childhood photo. Thanks for sharing. Happy creations from germany, tj

amy said...

i love the photos and the paintings! the colours are delicious. i look forward to checking out the originals in your shoppe.. if there are any left when i wake up (sydney time)!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

oh! that made me teary.

danielle said...

This post has truly touched me. I am in LOVE with this new series! Thank-you for sharing such a tender picture of you and your papa and the beautiful name plate. xo

Jesse said...

I think the fact that you always reference pirates when telling people how to say your name may also tie into your love of the sea!!

You are a sea faring lady at heart!!