Friday, January 07, 2011


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after much thought, i finally decided on my "word of the year"= nourishment! last year (well mid-year really) i chose abundance and i feel it really happened in every aspect of my life, including dress size unfortunately;)

i feel sick for the 3rd time with a cold this winter, which makes me stop and think about what lesson am i learning? well first to slow down and take measures to boost my health... which led me to nourishment of my mind, body and soul.

v nourish [ˈnariʃ, (American ) ˈnə:-]
to cause or help to grow, become healthy etc.
adj nourishing
giving the body what is necessary for health and growth

an alphabetized (bc i'm funny like that) list of what nourishes me that i want to bring into 2011...

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Paola Navone's summer refuge on the Greek island of Serifos (a feature in Elle Decoration, August 2010 via Poppytalk

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mati rose

ps- what are your words of the year if you have one?
pps- all these photos are from my pinterest! love!


Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Wishing you nourishment in 2011 Mati!
Love your organized list, all good things. I've just barely started yoga, it's a lot harder than it looks. Hope you feel better soon. :)

blissful chick said...

yoga! namaste x

Rebekah Leigh said...

Trust! (myself)!
wishing you nourishment for 2011... I feel your blog nourishes me, I adore the colours and imagery :-)

stefanie renee said...

I'm making it the #11 ~ completion and being a master in what I do. this feels right and my love of 11 in 2011 brings me great joy. So looking forward to our year today and all that it will be bring for us.

Happy new year friend! xo

Julie Johnson said...

Love it! Mine is clean! :)

sunshine barlowe lewis said...

Love it!

Juliette Crane said...

wow those photos are amazing! that second one of the couple in the little home in the woods sums up my words for 2011 (nourishment, enjoyment, and happiness in my every day).

love that you wrote a list of the things that give you nourishment! off to do the same thing :)

i hope you feel better!

playcrane said...

I too have been sick (still am a bit) so I know it influenced my choosing KIND (kind to myself, kind to others, kind to the world).

Best wishes for those things that nourish your body, mind, heart and soul.!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

My word is 'resolve' in the sense of determination. It took a while to come to me but I am absolutely attached to it now.

I love your list of nourishing things, and love the you put them in alphabetical order.

sophia said...

it wasn't planned, but these two words i think are going to be important for me this year:
"to honor"

Anonymous said...

love love love these all!!! xo mati

Kolleen said...

love these photos, your word and your a-z list

my word is "simplify" in all areas of my life.
hope i didn't bite off more than i can chew with this one!


Flying Whale said...

sigh, i love that beach fort.

nourishment is a great word for the new year (may i borrow it?). i'm still finding my word/s but one that stands out is BOLD.

Pippin said...

Know you are not alone with your struggle with good health. I too have been ill the third time this winter! Ugh I found neti pot, rest, vitamins, acupuncture, and pho do the trick. Loved this blog! Good health to you!

mandi said...

I cannot get over how much I love the idea of those retreats.

Anonymous said...

So excited by all those inspiring images and by your list of support words. Good idea. My word for the year is truth...not making excuses, not telling myself things that are not true...finding and honoring the truth that I am strong, beautiful, capable, and that good things do happen!
Thanks for the inspiration.