Tuesday, January 18, 2005

goodbye tattered datebook

i'm housecleaning today. filing bills, chucking old sketches, and transferring info to my new date book.

i came across a list of ~life dreams~ that i was carrying in my old slingshot {http://www.tao.ca/~slingshot/organizer.php}. i believe my new one is "folsom prison blue", but it could be "spandex thong" or "My Cousin Vinny's Slutty Blue Eyeshadow". Fabulous, just fab.

I will write these here to keep me on track.

{that i still pine for}

~a mentor
~an agent
~a portfolio website
~use Quickbooks for own finances
~write Nova Scotia book & go to NS
~go to the Bologna book fair
~live & work on an organic olive farm in Italy through WWOOF {http://www.wwoof.it/gb/about.html}
~take trip to New Mexico with Jessie
~Spain with Hugh
~and Thailand, France, Morrocco, Argentina, Chile & Brazil
~trip with sister- Hawaii?!
~go to Minnesota with mom to visit her sisters
~start a recycled clothing, etc. biz with my mom
~burning man
~publish children's book
~spend quality time with children- NuNu & Sequoia
~finish knitting a scarf! knit myself a poncho
~finish my quilt
~publish an illustration in a magazine
~sew & design my own clothes
~get a new digital camera (or fix old one)
~have a clawfoot bathtub
~stop waitressing & make money soley on my art!

dreams i have accomplished
{ sorry for the exclamation clap-happy!!!}

~i'm going to school!
~i took a biz class!
~i got financial aid & a scholarship!
~i made a biz card
~i formed a critique group!
~i took a figure drawing class!
~i started a blog!
~i had an art show that almost sold out!
~i learned to knit!
~i participated in open studios!
~i organized a craft fair!
~i made soap & marmalade!
~i lived in & made art in Mexico!
~i saw Frida Kahlo's house!
~I have an art studio!
~i visited NYC publishers!
~i read my story to 2 classrooms
~i spent months in Maine- summer & winter
~my little brother came out to visit me!
~i have a community garden!
~i have a personal & professional coach!
~i've worked on grief issues around losing my dad
~i've asked for help & trusted my gut along the way
~i've silkscreened my own clothes
~i practiced yoga consistently for many months
~i learned to kickbox!
~i have a wonderful relationship to a man i *adore* & inspires me daily!
~i have learned to cook splendid meals for many people!
~i've made solid wonderful connections with women i admire!
~i'm part of a reading book group!
~i have a hammock in my bedroom!
~i quit a job that was unhealthy
~i held my own birthday party & concert for my 29th year!

i can't wait till i'm 30...
i'm realizing i have a lot to be grateful for.


Anonymous said...

should we add marathon next to hawaii? or maybe that is too much...or maybe i am writing my list in your blog...

keep up the lists, though! your DONE list is as amazing as your TO DO list...fantastic.



i LOVE your list! especially the achievements, what a great idea to see all the great things you have done instead of fretting over thenot dones.

Anonymous said...

i love and admire your list ...and your DONE list...you are an amazing woman who accomplishes what she's set out to do.

Hope you're enjoying your first day at ART school!



Kim Carney said...

I would say, you are a lot further physcally and mentally along than most of us all ready! Keep up that great accomplished list! KIM