Wednesday, February 09, 2005

wed-nes-day lay-dies

painting donna

donna lee & her super cool daughter sequoia are my favorite! this weds i am taking my 4 minutes of procrastination to pay tribute to them. donna & i used to work together at an art law firm- she was my boss. she was the sweetest, smartest, coolest, most easy-going boss ever. we both got "laid off" 2 years ago. in the meantime donna has completed her expressive arts program & me... i'm going back to art school!

above is a pic of gearing up for day of the dead. hugh is painting donna, i'm the evil do-er makin' a funny face {probably scanning for eats}, sequoia is looking on as the hip cat skeleton. i have more pics on flickr of the "after" pics, but none of me b/c i am vain and the white paint makes my teeth uber-yellow... like i have little yellow sweaters on my teeth, right kara bunte?


reasons i heart donna:
~she listens
~she is beautiful
~she is kind
~she is funny
~we make x-mas cookies like no other!
~she is earnest
~she is soulful

happy early b-day sequoia!!!


ps- below is a must-see costume!


JR said...

are YOU the phatty headed pirate???????? look! a comment.
i feel so WITH IT :) thanks for the clarity dearest.

Anonymous said...

i might as well respond in response to JR. Maters your blog is a sweet spot to my otherwise-blurred-by-f-ing-legal-research eyes. Keep them purty images a-comin'. AND i'll call you lata!-rf