Friday, December 09, 2005

grateful friday

these are a bit vague and maybe relevant to your lives? i am grateful for these things about myself & work today:
*risk-taking in art even though i'm uncertain
*remembering i'm still learning-- playing in the sandbox
*being brave
*staying with the struggle
*holding onto my sense of self
*curiousity about the present
*giving credit for who people are today, forgiving past
*beautiful day ahead
*balancing act
*going up to twin peaks in my mind, looking down we are so little
*finding my own true nature and applauding jenny's:)
*pep talks
*lucinda williams on the stereo
*being gentle on myself, did i already say that?
*30th b-day party tonight & letting go of expectations but letting it happen
*wabi sabi: imperfect, turning ugly into beautiful...
and you, what are the little niceities you tell yourself when you wake up and feel tired and overwrought?


la vie en rose said...

oh mati i just love the list. i can relate, to pretty much all of them. and the painting you posted to accompany your list...just fabulous. girl you are too much!!! and i am grateful to be sharing this planet with you!

j. vorwaller said...

i tell myself that this is an entirely new day. and whatever mistakes, things i didnt get done...have an oppurtunity on my clean slate today.

(and im thinking of writing a book along the vein of true nature...i have so many ideas...i need to run with them but i have NO idea where to begin!)

ok, smiling and going to check lucinda williams out...

j. vorwaller said...

and oh yes, i love the painting too!!

Anonymous said...

I really really like that painting & the list is wonderful as well...

I think when I wake up & I'm already stressed I think, "Amanda, you are neat & interesting & wear strange pins, pick out a pin & wear it". Lately I've been wearing a little yellow squirell from urban outfitters (ok its actually a christmas ornament but who cares!) so I stuck some velvet ribbon through him & I wear him as a necklace & just knowing that I have a little strange funny thing on me generally makes me happy. Plus who can yell at a girl wearing a squirell!

Anonymous said...

I love your painting ... really really love it!!!

Anonymous said...

love the swirly tree limbs, the collaged leaves, and especially the flower blossoms that resemble colorful, hard candies... like peppermint drops, but much prettier. (was this inspired by a trip to chicago? that's my birthplace)