Friday, November 30, 2007

tomorrow i will be 32.

in this year i want to:

1. learn to sew.
2. make my own curtains.
3. get a produce box or buy weekly from farmer's market.
4. step up my exercise: research martial arts, marathons & personal trainers.
5. finish & then send off my children's book & then publish it!
6. launch my new website in january!
7. spend the time to cook & eat slowly and at a table.
8. meditate daily.
9. figure out credit.
10. earn X amount of $.
11. have a solo show.
12. travel to italy and research WOOF.
13. have internet free weekends and nights.
14. go to nova scotia.
15. explore portland, oregon.
16. visit friends in seattle.
17. paint our living room.
18. get a coffee table that works.
19. go to the ocean more!
20. go on hikes!
21. yoga once a week or more.
22. learn to drive in san francisco.
23. drive with hugh cross country, or at least halfway.
24. teach a class.
25. research home buying.
26. go to the dentist.
27. get a new bike.
28. simplify.
29. have friends over for dinner weekly instead of going out.
30. get good butt jeans.
31. get a nice everyday sweater.
32. get new running shoes that don't have holes in them!

I think my 32nd year is about being practical, simplifying, taking care, being strong, basic and continuing to grow from that foundation through my art. not saying goodbye to the glitter, sparkle and wild days of yesteryear, but i feel confident that those will be with me, are part of me. i got my branches, now i want the roots! happy day to you too!



Geek+Nerd said...

looks like great goals!

pixiegenne said...

happy birthday - great list!

kelly rae said...

this is a great list, mati. #30 is my favorite. can't wait to celebrate with you!

Anna said...

have a great, great day (and year!) mati.


lauracrow said...

what a lovely list! and happy birthday tomorrow! xoxo

lisa solomon said...

happy birthday sweet mati!

enjoy the sale this weekend
and we are overdue for a visit...

outi harma said...

Happy birthday Mati!
I saw your " there is nothing wrong with you"
on it!
enjoy your special day!

shari said...

it all sounds lovely. enjoy your special day mati. happy bday! xox

Kim said...

My practical advice would be to reduce the list a bit ... or at least vow not to beat yourself up too bad when you don't accomplish them all. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Mati!
Lots of love to you.
And be sure to check out Holly's blog today. Your beautiful thoughts have inspired many!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get everything on your list!

risa friedman said...

hmmmm...why can't i post with my typepad site anymore?
feliz cumple!
i love your list. i could relate to many items. perhaps, i'll add some to my own list when i turn 32 in 2008.
i hope you have a great birthday!

Susannah Conway said...

happy belated birthday, gorgeous girl! hope you had a smashing day :-) xo

zelia said...

yay! happy birthday mati! 32 is a fabulous year. it was my favorite birthday so far. i hope that yours was wonderful.

pinkalmond said...

so inspiring!!!

Anonymous said...

matildie, you're a girl after my own heart! and guess what? for several months I thought we were turning 33 this year, until I saw your post. Phew! I'd been a little worked up about it!

andrea said...

happy HAPPY birthday, sweet mati!

the entire list is grand but I am especially liking #15. I should like to see you when # 15 happens.


Amy said...

"i got my branches, now i want the roots!" so beautiful. happy birthday! and may your roots grow deep and strong.

Pina said...

Happy belated birthday, Mati!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Mati!

I love thinking about the new year in terms of one's own new year. Thanks for sharing your goals. It sounds like you have a fun (yet practical and grounding) year ahead of you!!


jo :: feather and thread said...

happy birthday mati!...x

jenifer lake said...

happy happy again to you mati! those are wonderful things on your list - i may adopt some of those as my own in this, my 33rd year :) xxx.

Colorsonmymind said...

I love the list-
I also have #'s 4,6,7,10,11,16,21, 29 and 30 hee hee

Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

I like lots a those goals but #16 is my favorite xo srb

Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday!

#14. Go to Nova Scotia

Look me up:)))

Elin said...

sorry I missed your birthday - hope it was happy! mine's today, I guess I better make a list...

JR said...

matirose! i'm looking in to wwwooooffffing too! and ps: the miami post = hilaaaarrrrityyyy.
i LOVE u! halfway xcountry trip with the boy to the desert!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

So, how did it go? Did you make your own curtains? I saw your list on another list. Did you make lists in 2008 and 2009? I'm currently working working on my 41 things! I hope I can get through it all.