Tuesday, September 08, 2009

tuesday news: collaborative painting article

somerset_collab with kelly
bigger here
somerset_collab with kelly
bigger here
somerset_collab with kelly

there's something so awe inspiring for me still to see my art featured in print. i am completely honored to share my collaborative paintings with kelly in somerset studio's sept/oct issue. kelly's words that accompany the paintings are very dear. thank you kelly + somerset. here's a video from when we were making those very paintings.



Anna-Marie Still said...

can't wait to see the article in person...it looks fabulous!

Katrina said...

aw, i just love kelly+mati moments and artwork and articles... they are always so very dear. cheers to you beautiful ladies. xoxo, k.

Ruxandra said...

the article looks amazing:)

violette said...

Congratulations Mati....it was a wonderful article....i really enjoyed it and was inspired!

Love, Violette