Wednesday, January 12, 2005


i am bursting with hyperactivity {strong coffee} and sunshine {the 1st for too many days} and honest talking & walking hills with my new soul sister, sabrina. we connected about the classic children's story "corduroy" and tried to break down why that book got us so. first off, there's the sweet scruffy bear who is missing a button on his overalls aka corduroy who waits patiently, day after day, at the department store, repeatedly overlooked for shinier toys. then there's the poor girl with her cute kerchif who comes in with her mom and picks him out over all the others. they look longingly at one another, but the mom explains that she has no money to buy him. then there is the arc of the story with his adventure through the store late at night searching for his missing button. oh the fear & exhiliration i felt for him as the nightwatchman comes with his flashlight searching! and at last the little girl saves her pennies and mends him, home at last.

in that i too am trying to write a kid's book, i am in awe of the simplicity and complexity of this story and how it gets to the core of our vulnerbilities. is it a romance novel disguised? is it fufilling our desire to be taken care of, or taking care of someone else? is it overly co-dependent? is it corduroy's ingenuity about making a nest in a store and the thrill of riding elevators and jumping on mattresses after dark? is it the girls craftiness and seeing through the superficiality of the other dolls? or have i simply had tooo much caffine and over analyzing?!

on a similar note i read yesterday in the paper a bizzare story about the "roofman" who escaped from prison and holed up at the "Toys R Us"- watching spiderman dvds, playing games and riding the bikes for exercise at night! this needs to be made a movie, or maybe i should write this book:

oh the sun is bright and i have a yucky to-do list to tackle before school starts! i can't believe it's finally happening. TRUST i'm on the right path.


tania said...

you have a blog!!!!!
i can't wait to read all about it.
and corduroy! sniff, i have vague distant memories of him, he is so cute.

Anonymous said...

How exciting and wonderful you have a blog now - :) I look forward to reading all the ins and outs of Mati:)

congrats hon - congrats!

I too loved the book Corduroy...thanks for reminding me why!


Sabrina said...

I loved our sunshine wandering
blapping it into the air!

I know we would have built forts
together when we were both six...


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