Monday, January 24, 2005

killin' 2 birds

i was going to post my stream of consciousness writing assignment i just did for 15 mins for my narrative drawing class, but that would be painful. i'm sooo scattered. the assignment is not to edit and just verbal vomit basically for 15 mins everyday for a week. i probably do that everyday anyway, but more in a list format.

i love the lists!

today's list:
read homework for narrative & modern art
do 2 narrative drawing paintings
do one drawing for illustration- pick lyrics
check on illo friday website & do illo
re-do drawing for kate & eric's wedding invite
collaborate with hugh on design
pick piece- or make piece for atlas show
get painting supplies- pick master to copy
finish mission kate's biz card and scan & put type on
cook big meal that can bring to school
get groceries from corner
get bike from BART station
e-mail (or upload) mom images for her biz card
do some type of exercise- yoga, run, long bike ride, swim with jessie
finish cleaning bedroom & living room
return video
figure out how to electronically sign for loan
pay bills- sbc, pg&e & pat & tell hugh cellphone is due
look for library book under bed
get bookgroup book
call millennium if $ isn't sent soon
use gift certificate for cd- new ben harper?
make plans to see:donna (pay 26 bucks), ali (st francis), sabrina, kates, jessie, monica (return her shirt), stef, jeanine (give her australia #'s), melissa (meet up at school)
give linda & tod painting
send marmalade to anne
card to kara
be-lated b-day gift to michael

HA! what a mundane posting, however i would be interested in reading others lists b/c i'm a list type of girl. hopefully this will keep me accountable and by the end of this week i'll be able to cross off most!


Meredith said...

A fellow list maker!! I knew I liked you! (hi, it's Meredith, we met at the holiday art/craft fair thing at Laurel and Andy's)

I found your blog by chance through Illustration Friday.

Stef said...

I too LOVE to make lists and sometimes on more than one piece of paper...I can't help it..

here's to list bud's!