Monday, January 24, 2005

maybe i'll move to australia

remember the kid's book "alexander's terrible, no good very bad day"?
that's how my last hour was. i went out to run a few errands, you know off the list below. i dropped off the video. bought some groceries. picked up my bike from BARt. not with out a few hurdles... the video dropping off was fine. the grocery shopping was the annoying "pick your numbered ticket kind" that i was oblivious to the system and waited in line at Luca's- a corner italian deli. then i dropped by walgreens for much needed hair bands (btw-where do they all go? i must buy 3 sizeable packs a year and then poof... all gone) and i got sidetracked into buying other miscellaneous objects that i didn't need nor could afford, excluding the much needed tupperware for carrying my lunch to school, and my weakness- vogue. OF COURSE there was a woman in front of me in line with nothing but 15 bags of peanut clusters, and her walgreens coupons, and OF COURSE the cashier had to call 5 times over the intercom to figure out how to ring them in properly. then there was a homeless man sticking out his gouged bloody foot in the middle of the sidewalk asking for change... which really shouldn't be on my annoying list, but c'mon. cover that wound man. i am so mean. and privleged. how can i really complain? BUT then i got my bike from BART and guess what? yup, the escalators were broken. so me with my cans of the heaviest italian delicacies including cans of tuna, olives, tomato paste and wine hobbled up the stairs, bike in tow while people decided to form a line behind me instead of around, even though there was plenty of room to my left. i guess, to quote alexander, "some days are just like that... even in australia". no pretty picture for this one, nope, my computer will probably crash in the process with my luck.

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Stef said...

oh, i can't help but smile even though i know you did have "some kind of experience" - breathe. you are home now with all your yummy eats.

enjoy ..

here's to wishing you a not so horrible night!