Saturday, January 29, 2005

my feet hate me

i just got home from work. i will never wear these again. i usually only wear my maryjane's and could run a marathon in 'em. blisters galore.

in addition to serving brunch, i catered a lesbian singles party. the man organizing it was no fun. the women were great, but a bit... sad and awkward. i hope they made some connections. they kept playing these "games" where they would switch seats and i would have to find them by calling out their names and orders and matching them up. "jean's omelette fromage?"

anybody? ferris?

OK, my boy just brought me some ginger tea. thank you! i went on a shopping spree on my way home from work with my fatty tips- zia skin moisturizer (i know many people who detest that word moist), lavendar & lemon verbena soaps, BUST mag and ginger & chai yogi teas. mmmm.

i best get ready for sideways. for some reason this year i want to see all the oscar nominations. this will be my 1st.

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