Friday, January 28, 2005


gluttony is illustration friday's theme today.

i was a gluttonous child. i'm not sure how much my parents' membership to the health food co-op affected this. no sugar cereal. carob for easter. no cookies in my lunch bag. no fluffernutter & peanutbutter sandwiches like my friend april hamel. do i sound bitter?

well to compensate i would horde sweets. my earliest gluttonous memory is of receiving a plastic candycane filled with lipsmakers- cherry, strawberry, mint & chocolate! i remember with horror as my mom opened up the closet and found my waxy mouth after eating every single one. yep, i think that should have been a clue to my sugar deprivation.

once, when when my sister jesse and i were old enough to know better, we got canned donations from our neighbors for a thanksgiving food drive. someone gave us frosting. guess what? we stuck the can in the bottom of her closet and worked on it covertly with spoons.

then there was the time jesse's mom (oh yea we are step-sisters 2 weeks apart and perfect for gluttonous scheming) gave us $ for buying milk, and told us to keep the change. we must have had a lot of change and spent it on all on chicklets from the vending machine. i remember taking handfuls of chicklets and stuffing them into our mouths until blue drool ran down our faces. which was only compounded by our hysterics at the situation.

and oh yes, sweetarts and fireballs, too. 5 cents and the latter actually lasted almost the entire day because it would burn.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, we grew up in the same sugarless bootcamp. During Halloween, we went door to door in our costumes...collecting for UNICEF. We learned to carry a bag, as many of the dispensers of candy would stuff our pockets with the goods, despite our obedient protests...we quickly got over it.

Emily said...

I love your illo! The story was interesting too. Your illustration reminds me of Lynda Barry's work. Have you heard of her? She does comic/art on her childhood and uses all sorts of paper. I liked the lined paper on yours as it reminds me of grade school and youth. cool!

Vanessa said...

Hah, your illo is great! I was so that kid who wasn't allowed sugar outside of fruits and juices.

Cindy Ann Ganaden said...

Ah yes Fireballs. I use to put them in the side of my cheek and see how long I could keep it there. I totally looked like a chipmunk hording nuts. Very cute story and a nice visual to go along with it.

Kim's Suitcase said...

gorgeous drawing and i love your lettering too!

Serene said...

8/16/2006 New to your blog and wanted to start at the beginning-

We grew up the same way.. organic farm, sneaking jolly ranchers at the local mini mart. Now, I raise my 2 kids with the same sort of diet, but less strict.. they're going to find a way to get it one way or another aren't they!
Cute story :)

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