Thursday, February 24, 2005

"are you playing pokeman in there"?

hugh just asked me that. funny idea! my little bro was obsessed with pokeman, if i do recall.

i treated myself to a lovely orchid on my way home from my 10 hours of classes and hour BART ride- woes me i'm tired! i'd been eyeing the arrival of the orchids since valentine's and despite my hints, didn't get one... just kidding. this is the first gift i've given myself since art school began- minus the polka dot socks. i've been pretty frugal, but those art supplies are killing me! if anyone ever questions the expense of a painting i'm gonna give them an ear full!

so a few people have been asking me if i'm OK re: yesterday's post. i'm very well, it helps to write things down and then they seem to release... dissapate. oddly tho, today in narrative drawing we watched a docu on ray johnson who killed himself about 10 years ago, and basically his death is part of his art project. sad and brilliant and crazy all at the same time. he is the father of "mail art"! i would love to get in on that ATC {artist trading cards} action! how do i begin?

i've been loving my neighbor andrea's blog lately on MY hood:) she has such a discerning eye... i see these images all the time, but never capture them in the same light! i have been documenting mexican ice cream vendors for years, a constant presence in our hood. i am writing a kid's book about the topic! they are lined up waiting for the kids to come streaming out of the school next to my house. ice cream... yum!

tomorrow i look forward too a run with the aforementioned mission kate, well sorta! the kate part, yes! the run, not so much. a call with my "coach". taking care of biz. and a walk with my dearly missed sab. AND our atlas party with our super fine landlords finally back from india!!! and seeing meredith! and my younger cousin steve visiting from NJ!

i'm going now to lay down now & drink a glass of vino and watch "lovely & amazing" with jake gellenhal. have you seen this one, cin? we both are "donnie darko" afficianados. jake is my movie star boyfriend, after mark ruffalo... whoa, fan sites are scary!


Jesse said...

How amazing would it be if you became obsessed with Pokeman!! If that's what you wanted for presents and was all you talked about...I love it.
Keep up the running!! Looks like we might have a few more snow storms before my 1/2 marathon. Great. I need to move to you.

mati rose said...

i love that idea!! i could collect all the trading cards and join 10 year old on-line. maybe andrew would give me his old ones and teach me the ropes:) yes, you need to move to me... or at least visit!!! you could run every day! when is your 1/2?

me again said...

And Hugh would come home to find you bleary-eyed and slightly crazed, not from creative projects, but from staying up all night in a bidding war for cards on ebay. "Just $50 and it completes the set!!"

Anyway, my 1/2 is on Sunday, the just over 2 weeks. Running everyday in San Fran sounds lovely, but what about those hills?!?!?

I e-mailed you a little bit ago...let me know if you don't get it.