Thursday, February 17, 2005



Camilla Engman said...

- I like!

Your link from Illustration Friday doesn't work.

About Flickr - it sounds strange to me, I've just uploaded 14 % of the capasity, and I haven't bought anything.

I'm glad you manage my "guestbook" out.

mati rose said...

thank you, i'll try again!

Kim's Suitcase said...

i think this is great.

Anonymous said...

i love your collagey mixed media work!

i especially L O V E the valentines one - i like this one too but I LOVE that one

i feel so jealous but in a good way about your return to school - art school that is - every time i read your blog it makes me smile inside and wish i was you - the passion in you about everything is refreshing, inspiring and makes me care about someone i dont know and who doesnt know me - funny isnt it

i can t wait for your site - i really cant

mati rose said...

thank you! that is the NICEST thing anyone has ever written. ahhh. that makes me feel good:) anonymous, do you have a blog? for some reason i feel you must be my best friend and you are posing as a stranger.... b/c i can't believe you would like my art so. bekah, is that you?! hee.