Friday, February 18, 2005

online peeps

i feel so sorta self-conscious about telling people who don't have a blog about my inner blog life and THEN the fact that i have so many on-line people i care about, and online people who i know off-line, but am getting to know better on-line!
so i finally learned via kim how to list my friends & favorite blogs!! THANK YOU for passing that along. i realized tho that my blog looks different in different browsers. like in safari it is fine, but explorer everything is down at the bottom. ergh! plus my photos i post are so darn clunky. does anyone have suggestions on how to size them better? i'm such a web dummy... i need the web for dummies book, me thinks. fun to list my links tho! i admire you all. sorry if i inadvertently left out any friends or faves, it was an oversight... i still love you. y'all add so much juice to my creativity. xxxoooxox, m


Jenny said...

hi there~i can totally relate to being a "Web dummy" ha ha! my husband is a computer genius/designer~and i am constantly harassing him to show me how to make things for my site! he was awesome enough to set up a basic layout for me (and in wordpress yay!) but sometimes its frustrating when i want to do all those little things~change picture size, or design of my blog, etc. and it can't be done right away~but it would definetly be useful!

Meredith said...

that's funny, I was working on that last night! my blog was sorely lacking links.

Cin said...

Hi Mati Rose !

First, thank you for the link !

and second, don't know about Explorer but you're looking good in Firefox !

Santanu said...

Your blog sure looks good on Explorer too...though I am hardly qualified to pass any judgement, being so weak on aesthetics. The pictures tend to get oversize and stick out of the boundaries. All said and done, its a beautiful blog page!