Thursday, February 03, 2005


my painting {above} up in atlas- my fav coffee shop
joel elrod offering to show me his studio & talk about his influences after sending him a fan note!
printing kate & eric's card & feeling the love
jeanine the fashion fairy- lending me her clothes for a year while she's in australia
my studio mate susannah buying my reject painting off my floor
lattes & yumminess at tartine with cindy
getting my first "link" from cindy... ahhh!
hugh's leftover stirfry & fruit compote (he learned from my mom!)
prospect of a walk w/ superhero:)
finishing my first illo assignment & getting great feedback
finding my bag i thought lost for good {under a pile of aprons at work months later}!!
spring weather!!!

inside ALL day
staying up late
staying up late again
bad tips, grumpy lady & me oh so sensitive
bike wheel stolen
chips for dinner
biking with my art supplies at 10:30 pm
fussy high maintenence epson printers
dirty dishes

ohh yes, i almost forgot that weds is a day i salute my many women whom i admire: kate, jeanine, susannah, cindy & superhero andrea thank you for making my days smoother! xoxo


Jeanine Huebner said...

I hope every time you put on a piece of clothing I gave you you'll think of me and like that you won't forget me until I come back... I'm so happy you are going to take care of my stuff!
And thank you for putting me an a list of women you admire.....!!!
Don't forget to say hi on Saturday night!

Kim Carney said...

I love that painting!