Tuesday, February 15, 2005

mom's letterhead

because i can't seem to e-mail them properly.
i will post my ideas here for your letter head, i know you read this, mom:)

let me know which you like the best and i can better develop. OR if you don't like any.

you can see the rest at flickr

ps- i did my mom's biz card a couple of years ago in paint- a poppy like flower. maybe i'll post it, but too lazy to scan right now. it is SO much harder to do something simple in line drawing than a painting.

pps- my mom is making a career change from a social worker/HR person to a professional & personal life coach! how cool is that?!



Kim Carney said...

Those are amazing! I love it, I want to see the finished product.

Sara Simpson said...

Your work is fabulous! Your mom was talking to me today about the letterhead and sent me the link to your blob. I love reading about the things you're doing. It's a reconnection over the internet. I hear you're coming home in March...hopefully we'll get to squeeze in a quick visit. Dave and I are in Portland now, we love it! Getting hitched in October.

Hope all is well.
Sara Simpson

mati rose said...

thank you sarah! so good to hear from you! what is your email? congrats on the marriage! yea!