Sunday, March 06, 2005

you can feel the sun on their faces

just back from point reyes with the girls- kate wc & kathleen!
such a good visit! it was a get-a-way celebration for kwc's up-coming wedding fun:)
we stayed at this beautious b&b overlooking countryside that reminded us of the irish hills none of us had ever seen.
we ate fish tacos, yummy diner eats and A&W rootbeer. how good is that?!

isn't this diner & plates ahhhdorable?

mmm... ocean air & friends are good for the soul. back with fresh eyes to see my art!


Stef said...

sounds divine - what beautiful photos. isn't a weekend away with the girls just what the dr. ordered?? always is...

hoping our roads cross soon...


Stef said...
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tania said...

so good to be back to do my rounds! looks like you had a lovely weekend away!
your studio looks AMAZING!!