Monday, April 11, 2005

going APE

sunday i went to the APE & am so inspired/daunted by all the good work out there! handmade silk-screened shirts galore and little books and zines and graphic novels by soooo many talented peeps. i took so much in visually, i was utterly incapable of functioning at the grocery store afterwards. i couldn't read labels anymore--good thing they have pictures on yogurt containers!

i got 2 lovely tees by illustratin' heros:

tara mcpherson
tara tee

esther pearl watson
esther tee


Anonymous said...

ack, I can't believe I missed that. I love going to APE. I was wondering what Tara Mc. work looked like. My Todd had some of his posters in a show in Portland with her. We didn't go to the show so we never saw that work but we got a postcard with all the artists names.

on another note, thanks to you and monstertown, I am a devotee of Illo fridays. I think I just need assignments because I have no motivation on my own.

Yeah for Mati!

tania said...

gasp and gall dang it, i LOVE esther pearl watson, you lucky duck.

mati rose said...

spring!- do you have a blog?! i would love to see:) and i want to do your monster show adult/kid collab.

t- i know, i said to esther... "are you ACTUALLY the artist?!". martha rich, her studio mate and similar great style, was also in attendance:)

Anonymous said...

well, I kinda have a blog but it's not really a blog because I don't write. I just started it and I'm not at all computer savvy. I think I'm still warming to the idea of electricity verses oil lamps. I think monstertown is thoroughly annoyed with me constantly pestering her about the fine points of bloggyness. Also, I'm not an artist but I'm married to one. so don't get the wrong idea. I like to coordinate art projects though and I'd love to have you put something in the Japan show. Did M-town give you a prospectus?