Tuesday, April 12, 2005

international desk day

i'm participating in my first int'l desk day started by tania. messy and more messy.
here are more desirables from the aforementioned APE:
adrian {he doesn't need a website} tomine postcards c/o chronicle books
& a 54 week date book by jill bliss {both artists were there too... swoon}.
these are the blank canvases next to my desk that will soon be 2 tripdychts (spelling?) for my cafe! better get started! and behind is a giant 6 ft canvas! i've never worked that BIG before and it's so fun and physically exhausting!
oh yea, here's mr circa family ties FOXy hanging above my desk with a little lotta jansdotter calendar... it came in a cd case, but i broke it:(


Kim Carney said...

I love that huge painting, did you paint it? Is it on canvas? And the smaller one. What are you going to do with them?

mati rose said...

thank you. i'm painting 6 paintings on the wooden panels for the cafe i work for. they are changing their name to tripdycht (3 paintings in a series). the big one is on canvas and just for the experience of painting large and in charge.

tania said...