Monday, April 18, 2005

sweet note

my dad's cousin and major influence jamie sent me a much needed snail-mail note today. so much doubting these past few days. feeling little when there is so much good art already made. that's not why i make art, i know that, but still.

"Embrace all that new Risk-taking in art school. Now's the time to play, fumble, and grow".

i think i was getting too serious, indeed.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to hear that you have moments of self doubt. I know no one is immune to it but I do enjoy your work so much that it shocked me a bit to know you're a real person like the rest of us.
Your dad's cousin's note is a good reminder for all of us. even if we're not in art school.

mati rose said...

oh... thank you! i did not mean to make you sad! i think what ever stage you are in with the art making is one filled with feelings of doubting and brilliance, no?