Wednesday, April 20, 2005

turbulent sea

small boat
i just re-discovered this painting because my dear sister asked me for art for her new office! yeah for new offices and fresh starts! congrats jesse!

i illustrated it for my friend's on-line literary journal, but ultimately chickened out in submitting it. it was for this poem.

it's interesting looking at it again and liking it, but also reading the words- tsunami- and realizing that i was a bit prophetic? i did this right before x-mas and the tsunami. yikes!


Katey said...

I love it! Silly goose, you should've submitted it. Just do it! Nike?

Anonymous said...

Your work is consistently -- full of life, imagination and incredibly beautiful. I love your sense of color too. I check your website each day.

I agree you should have submitted this piece... your work is wonderful!!! Please don't doubt yourself... you truly have something with art.

Thank you so much for making your work available for us to see.

You brightened my day. Thanks.

Meredith said...

Very lovely, Mati! You're very talented! And yes, after school gets out for the semester we need to get together and make lots of stuff!

mati rose said...

THANK YOU! I feel a bit sheepish for all the rampant insecurities these days! I'll try to squash the doubts.

JR said...

that painting is dope! i remember it from your show... and wanted to buy it for a mutual friend of ours as a gift for him. still for sale?

i think painting poetry is the most brilliant thing that's come out of yuor mouth in the last 3 minutes.

can't wait to do my own! xoxo